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Why Solar Panel Cleaning is Important? Let’s Know!

Importance-of-Solar panels cleaning.

The world’s most popular renewable energy source is solar energy, which grows daily. As the demand for renewable energy improves, an increasing number of individuals and businesses are using solar panels to produce electricity. Here, we will explain the advantages of solar panel maintenance, highlight the importance of solar panel cleaning, and provide helpful instructions for proper cleaning procedures. Why is it necessary to clean solar panels regularly?

Cleaning of solar panels with large brushes!

Solar panels are important as they help transition to rich energy by cutting carbon emissions and reducing dependency on non-renewable energy sources.

While many households and businesses neglect its significance, regular cleaning can significantly impact solar panels’ life duration and optimal performance.

Importance of Solar Panel Cleaning

Regular cleaning ensures that the solar panels work effectively. When debris such as leaves, dust, or bird droppings collects on the panels, sunlight can be quickly blocked.

However, this can decrease electricity production. Sometimes, dirty panels can block up to 30% of the sunlight, making them much less efficient.

Furthermore, dirt and debris collection can also result in hotspots that permanently harm solar cells. When a part of the panel is covered and shaded while the other portion is exposed to direct sunlight, hotspots occur.

Of course, this can lower the panel’s overall productivity by causing overheating and cell damage in the covered area.

Solar panel cleaning services

Periodic cleaning of solar panels is vital to maintaining optimal efficiency and increasing energy production. You can appoint a professional cleaner to do this task.

Now, solar panel cleaning services are available that do their job skillfully and properly. As a result, solar panels’ working ability, duration, and regular maintenance are enhanced.

How to Clean Solar Panels?

It can be not easy to clean solar panels with water. It is disorganized, takes too long, and can harm the panels.

Fortunately, there are some simple schemes you can do to extend the vision of your solar panels. There are different methods for cleaning panels to magnify solar panel efficiency.


Robotics is a new and interesting method for cleaning solar panels. Robots are independent devices that can be designed to help carry out specific duties. Robotic cleaning is one of the abruptest and most effective methods of cleaning solar panels.

Furthermore, robots can enter the panel and clean it, removing dirt and grime that humans often leave behind. This results in a quicker and more effective cleaning procedure, lowering the possibility of scratches or other surface damage to the solar panel.

Waterless Spin

Since vibration does not use water or other harmful substances on the panel’s surface, it’s one of the best techniques for cleaning solar panels. It’s also not too difficult and does not require any specialized tools or equipment.

In brief, the basic method involves employing a vital instrument known as an industrial vibrator, often referred to as “Vibra-clean,” to vibrate the surface of your solar panel.

With this technique, you can clean your solar panel’s surface of dirt and grease without harming its internal components or surface. Thus, High-frequency movements are used to do this.

Brushes and Sponges Without Soap

Sponge and brush without soap work excellent for cleaning the surfaces of solar panels. The panels can be cleaned with them without debris remaining behind.

Therefore, wood, rubber, and plastic are a few natural materials used to make soap-less brushes and sponges. These tool brushes usually are made from bamboo, an environmentally beneficial material.

Because the synthetic fibers on these tools are soft enough to clean even the most delicate surfaces, they can be used on painted or unpainted surfaces.

Coatings with Nanoparticles

Using nanoparticle coatings made specifically for cleaning solar panels is another method of cleaning your panels. In this case, glass and metal surfaces can be coated with these nanoparticle coatings using an electrostatic spray gun or roller.

So, they work by cleaning solar panels on both sides while they are in protective storage or during transportation, readying them for installation once cleaning is done.

Clean solar panels at home

Many solar panel owners use materials they already have in their homes. For those who want to clean solar panels themselves, a mix of water, soap, and a gentle brush is recommended.

This method helps avoid any harm that strong chemicals may cause to your solar panels. So, remember to take necessary safety measures from professional cleaning services such as Manta Cleaning Solutions.

Some Additional Tips for a Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance!

Cleaning of solar panels!
  • It is approved to avoid cleaning solar panels during hot, sunny days to stop the swift evaporation of water, which can lead to streaks.
  • Stay away from utilizing a pressure washer as it may cause harm to the panels due to high pressure.
  • Apply a soft brush or cloth to prevent scratching the panels despite a stiff brush.
  • Completely rinse the panels with clean water to remove any remaining soap.
  • Make sure to clean your solar panels frequently to keep them clear of dirt and debris, maintaining their high point efficiency.

Solar panel units are composed of several materials, some of which are very delicate. If not cleaned correctly, these substances can cause corrosion or even start to destroy the panel. Techniques for Solar Panels must be used to clean solar panels to prevent problems. They require regular cleaning or techniques for proper maintenance and increase their lifespan, even though they are designed to be simple to protect.

Advantages of Cleaning Solar Panels

Cleaning is essential for solar panels to keep working for an extended time. Solar panels should be cleaned as often as possible to avoid degradation, which can result in lower energy production and higher maintenance costs. The advantages of cleaning solar panels are below:

Increase Efficiency

The solar panels function by transforming light into electricity. The amount of light absorbed by a section of a solar panel can be overcome through dirt, which reduces efficiency.

Therefore, cleaning solar panels reduces dust, debris, and other contaminants like leaves and bugs, potentially further lowering performance.


A solar panel system comes with a warranty that lasts for a long period, generally 25 years or more. But sometimes, this coverage is lacking if something goes wrong with one of your panels during this time, such as a power loss.

Regularly cleaning your solar panels can extend their warranty. This will ensure your home receives continuous energy in case of any issues.

Enhance Durability

By evenly servicing your system and solar panels, you can increase their lifespan. Further, you can protect them from dust and debris that may eventually lead to degradation by using cleaning chemicals.

Also, since these solutions are equally effective on wood, asphalt, and concrete surfaces, they can be used for cleaning tasks outside of your home.

Final Remarks

To conclude, cleaning your solar panels is required as part of your home energy system. If you observe a decrease in power output or variation in peak energy production, it might be important to have your solar system cleaned to maintain optimal performance. Maintaining solar panels may increase their electricity output and extend their lifespan.