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How Much Does Solar Panel Cleaning Cost in 2024? A Comprehensive Guide!

solar panel cleaning costs

Everything you need to know about solar panel cleaning costs!

Although solar energy is an excellent method to save energy expenses, there are some extra related costs. To work effectively, solar panels need frequent cleaning, similar to any other equipment. So, it’s necessary to be informed about the costs of maintaining solar power and new roofing when considering getting them.

Solar panel cleaning process by professionals!

However, you can reserve professional solar panel cleaning services such as Manta Cleaning Solutions to maintain the optimal efficiency of solar cells and increase energy production without causing pollution. Here, we will discuss everything from solar panel cleaning prices to service details that you need to know before working with a brand.

The importance of solar panels is that they lower carbon emissions and reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy sources, helping in the transition to rich energy. Periodic cleaning can significantly affect lifespan and solar panel efficiency, even though many homes and businesses neglect their significance with a significant increases in solar panel cleaning cost!

Comprehensive Guide Related to Solar Panel Cleaning Cost

Now, here we will be included in this quick guide, including:

  • Added upkeep expenses
  • Domestic cleaning vs. business cleaning
  • The variables affecting cleaning expenses
  • Average cleaning costs both nationally and regionally
  • Discounts and incentives for money
    With this knowledge, you can create an accurate spending plan for solar panel upkeep and guarantee your system yields the highest possible return on investment throughout its lifecycle.

What Indicates the Cost of Cleaning Solar Panels?

The annual cost of solar panel cleaning is determined by several factors:

#1: Temperature and Natural Environment Factors

Solar system cleaning is usually more often required in homes in hot, dry climates with regular sand or dust storms than in homes in colder, wetter areas. Also, more snow, ice, and winter precipitation build up on panels in more frigid climates, affecting the solar panel conditions and needs to be cleared.

In the spring and summer, when grass and tree pollen form a thin layer on the panels, areas with high pollen counts may need extra cleaning. Coastal areas often struggle with filth, bird droppings, and salt spray. The level of rain that naturally cleans your panels can affect how often they need to be professionally cleaned.

#2: Location and Accessibility of Panel

Cleaning panels on tall poles or angled rooftops is more complex than cleaning a ground-level series. Your roof’s slope also affects expenses. Using ladders, scaffolding, boom lifts, or other equipment to reach tall solar panels securely may result in additional cleaning service costs. Likewise, panels fully shadowed by buildings or trees need to be cleaned more carefully between barriers, which slows the process.

#3: Quantity and Dimension of Panels

Logically, the cost of cleaning more solar panels will increase with their quantity. Prices are usually determined based on the number of panels. A solar panel is typically 65″ x 39″ or 17 square feet.

As you add additional panels, the cleaning process grows larger and requires more time. Because of their size, solar cleaning professionals have to work more carefully.

#4 Present Dirt and Debris 

The amount of dirt, sap, and other grime that must be removed from your solar panels determines how much the workers will charge you. Solar panel systems with extreme filth take more time to clean. Before booking professionals, some homeowners can decide to manage simple cleaning tasks independently. Various techniques for cleaning solar panels are used by cleaning lines of work to clean solar panels.

Some use power sprayers, others just basic hand brushes. Prices may vary depending on whether water or specialist cleaning solutions are used for solar panels. Furthermore, companies must supply enough water to clean every panel, complicating operations. More expensive but highly effective robotic solar panel cleaning equipment is also available!

Average Costs Within the Nation

Solar panel cleaning can help you save more money!

What is the expected cost of solar panel cleaning in 2024?

The most recent information shows that, as of January 2024, the average new roofing cost for professional solar panel cleaners was $465.

Costs vary widely, with the lowest panel costing $13 and the highest panel costing $25. According to how many panels are in your house, the following is what you should budget for a total solar panel cleaning checklist to give you a better sense of what it will cost:

  • 10 panels: $130 to $250
  • 15 panels: $195 to $375
  • 20 panels: $260 to $500
  • 25 panels: $325 to $625
  • 30 panels: $390 to $750

These numbers show the extent to which economy of scale is applied. Cleaning companies have basic service prices and minimum charges to cover their travel expenses and wage costs to arrive at your house.

The current average for solar panel cleaning is $465, but actual costs can differ significantly depending on all the already listed guidelines. In addition, regional variations in wage rates and plumbing cost of living are not included in national averages.

Professional vs. Do-it-yourself Cleaning

Professional Solar Panel Cleaners Cost

As hiring experts, the maintenance costs for cleaning are below:

  • $15 to $35 for every panel
  • $300–$700 for an in-depth cleaningReserving a professional solar panel service ensures that the work is completed quickly, safely, and correctly. You don’t run the risk of damaging your equipment or roofing. Specialized tools, supplies, and insurance are available for workers.

Do-it-yourself Solar Panel Cleaners Cost

Solar panel maintenance by yourself is below:

  • 0 to 30 dollars for each panel
  • $100 to $600 for a complete cleaning.

Simple materials like towels, spray bottles, soft brushes, and a home ladder are all you need to clean your solar panels. Since work is not required, the primary costs belong to equipment.

Hence, professional cleaning is more expensive but often of greater quality. For solar panel owners on limited funds who are ready to put in the time and effort themselves, Do it yourself cleaning can be an excellent choice.

Extra Fees for Solar Panel Repair

Although solar panel glass is quite strong, extreme weather, such as huge hail, can lead to panel cracks, fractures, chimney sweep costs, and panel corrosion. The average cost to replace damaged solar panel glass or related cabling ranges from $200 to $400 per panel.

The insulation cost, including work, to replace a typical 3-5 kW solar inverter is between $1,000 and $1,500. Keeping clean, dirty panels improves airflow and lowers the risk of overheating, which is when damaged inverters are more likely to break down.

Another regular maintenance task is keeping your panels from being shaded by branches. If sunlight does not pass properly, that hangover is tree cutting. You should plan to spend $150 to $250 a year on regular upkeep.

Final Remarks

As solar panels continue to perform at their best and last longer, regular cleaning is required. The quantity of dirt and debris on your panels and the roof’s slope are just two of several variables that influence the cost of cleaning solar panels. Proper maintenance typically saves time and money by lowering the need for pricey panel replacements or repairs. Now, you are prepared for the most effective photovoltaic solar panels available.